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EMB-135/145 Type Rating Training



First type rating:

-100 hrs PIC

-Valid ME IR

-Theoretical ATPL exam

-MCC certificate


Subsequent type rating:

-Valid ME IR


 Course Summary

Total duration: 23 working days

 Type Rating Training Facility Used Working Days Time
Ground Training Classroom 10 ~80 h
System Integration Training CPT 4 16 h
Full Flight Simulator Training&Checking FFS 9 36 h


CPT -Cockpit Procedure Training

FFS- Full Flight Simulator

Additional training can be provided basing on the client requirements: 

Type of Training Duration
Walk around inspection training  4 hrs
Emergency procedures  4 hrs
FMS training  10 hrs
TCAS  4 hrs
RVSM  4hrs
ETOPS  4 hrs
Flight safety (Incidents and accidents review)  8 hrs
Upset recovery  8 hrs
Windshear recovery  4 hrs
CRM  4 hrs

 32 hrs

(Ground training)+

20hrs FNTP II or FFS training

 Conventional and Electronic Flight Instrument system (EFIS) Differences  5hrs 30min.
 Base training  Depending on flight experience
 B 737 6-7-8-900 differences training (ground phase)  16 hrs
 B 737 6-7-8-900 differences training (simulator training and checking)  4 hrs



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