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Daugianarės Įgulos Sąveikos Mokymai


The Sabenavita training center MCC course takes the trainee well beyond the typical MCC Course as defined by

JAR-FCL regulations. We provide you with 32 hours of theoretical knowledge training (min. JAR: 25 hours) we

perform the practical training on a FNPT II MCC Simulator (ATR-42).

We introduce you to basic turboprop flying in order to give you a lead when you perform the simulator sessions.

Our simulator is equipped with a CRM debriefing camera, the ideal tool to analyze and debrief your performance in a multi-crew environment.The use of such a device is strongly recommended for this type of training. You will see yourself communicate, perform SOPs, take decisions, etc.

All our instructors have many thousand of hours experience training professional airline crews.

Kurso santrauka: 

Bendra trukmė: 9 darbo dienos 


 Daugianarės įgulos sąveikos mokymai  Naudojamos priemonės Darbo dienos Laikas
Teorinis mokymas Klasė 4 32 val.
Praktinis mokymas FNPT II (ATR-42) 4 16 val.
Egzaminas FNPT II (ATR-42) 1 4 val.



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