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Ferry Flights


Sabenavita can offer the service of Ferry Flights for the purpose of: 

- Returning an aircraft to its base.

- Delivering an aircraft from one location to another.

- Moving an aircraft to and from a maintenance base.


We provide the most cost effective ferry flight services.

When you sign a Ferry Flight agreement with Sabenavita, our  personnel are mobilized to meet your needs.

  • Your aircraft will be inspected and prepared for transportation
  • Day to day progress reports on every flight of your aircraft will be provided
  • If required, long-range ferry fuel systems and long-range navigation equipment nad HF radios will be installed
  • We guarantee that your needs and wishes are understood and respected
  • All overflight and landing permits will be arranged

Our quote includes:

  • All oil and fuel
  • All overflight navigation and communication charges
  • Installation and rental of approved ferry fuel systems
  • Installation and rental of long-range navigation and HF radio
  • All mandatory survival equipment
  • All landing and parking charges

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