About us

About us


ATO Sabenavita was established in 2004. It is based at Vilnius International Airport - both strategically convenient location for training institution of this class and a great opportunity for our trainees to experience the genuine working environment.

Sabenavita Training Centre Instructors are professional, highly experienced  aircraft pilots with top grade worldwide recognised University education and multiple international training courses accomplished in Germany, United Kingdom and USA. Company staff always seeks to improve its performance, knowledge and skills by attending provided international training courses and seminars ensuring effectiveness and highest quality training programmes for pilots and cabin crew, using innovative methods.

Our Innovatory Training Centre offers you various initial and recurrent type rating training programs to operate the most popular aircrafts such as - Boeing 737-200, Boeing 737-300-900, Boeing 757/767, Boeing 777/787, Airbus 320, Airbus 330, Airbus 340, SAAB-340, SAAB-2000, ATR-42/72, CRJ100, EMB170, EMB135/145.
Sabenavita Training Centre is equipped with a real fire&smoke training equipment and FNPT II MCC simulator - the first and the only of its kind in the Baltic States.
Any type rating training programmes can be provided in either Lithuanian, Russian or English languages.

We guarantee You the best practical knowledge and skills in accordance with EASA requirements аre acquired within and after successful training completion.

Safety is the top priority of Sabenavita Training Centre.